Transfer any site to CMS WordPress.

Experience over 5 years!

You will get the old site on the new admin panel

Here are some important points.

Transfer of materials

When moving a site, we can save such data: date, category, tags, author for both materials and comments.

Saving URL

The importance of keeping addresses is very important. We can offer our customers the choice of saving addresses or composing redirects.

Saving site tags

When moving a site, we can save such data: date, category, tags, author for both materials and comments.

Transferring media files

Transferring images as media files, fixing them for news, including, for short news – a preview.


Find the answer to them below ...

«What is CMS?»

CMS, or even can hear the engine site – it\’s admin panel
site (not to be confused with the hosting admin panel), in which performed basic manipulation on the site: adding materials and sections, moderation materials and comments, change in appearance and more…This is only a small part of all functions.

So it depends on the choice of CMS: ease of operation,
functionality, the possibility of further
website development and much more…

«From what cms can transfer the site??

I can move the website to virtually any platform to CMS: WordPress.

This requires access to the hosting and base and template (if there is).

«If I may, briefly about You?»

At the moment, we in the work of one person is involved (the administrator of this site). The main service is a high quality site database (website) migration to another engine.
This work is done by ~ 4 years.

If you are talented in the work, are welcome to our team.

«On which CMS is most often order
website transfer? What is the plan working? Terms?»

Most of the sites transferred to the engine (CMS) WordPress. It is quite easy to learn, the main sections are prominently displayed, everything is intuitive.
Besides, do not forget about the popularity of the engine and it\’s free!

On average, the work takes a week time for completion of the work, the result is loaded for viewing on a test domain.
More details work scheme to be lower.

Схема работы

1 Знакомство с сайтом, обсуждение деталей.

2 Внесение предоплаты 20%. Начало работ.

3 Завершение работы. Загрузка сайта на тестовый домен для ознакомления.

4 Оплата остатка. Сдача работы.


1На время выполнения работ, сайт будет работать в прежнем режиме.
2Все работы выполняются на локальном компьютере.
3По завершению работы сайт загружается на тестовый домен для ознакомления.

Немного статистики


Сайты на WordPress переношу больше 5 лет. Так что вы можете не сомневаться выполнима ли для меня эта работа.

Сейчас работаю практически только с WordPress и всем её советую

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